Speak with Authenticity-Deliver with Impact

Whether you are preparing to present to hundreds at a conference, a dozen at a board meeting or to a single future employer, Delinia works with you to craft the right strategy, content and performance to get your message across.

Your best speaking style is different from the person next to you. Learn to access and expand your own energy and personality and deliver it to your audience. This first session is active, energetic and fun. Students will learn methods to help them in high-profile public speaking in this low-risk, supportive and fun session.

Pull people in with your story and they will remember you and your cause. We will review story types, each student will select a type and begin to develop their story.

 Put it all together. You have the tools, now is the time to practice, perform, revise and improve. Each student will receive specific suggestions – what to keep, what to avoid (so, um, well), and where to expand.


I can confidently say that the one-on-one public speaking & presentation coaching sessions that Pam provided were easily among the top experiences of my professional life. Our sessions were always fun and light in delivery, and deep and impactful in personal progress.

Marssie Versola

I thought I had a great presentation - I had mapped out my annual plan. Delinia helped me take it two levels beyond my expectations. Their understanding of business strategy and efficiency (immediately getting to what's important) is amazing.

Julie - Technology Sales Director

When Delinia mapped out my presentation it became clear that I had points I expected to people to believe without any evidence. In other areas where I talked long after the point was made. In the end we balanced it out for maximum impact.

CSM Training & Optimization

A great CSM is learning and increasing his or her value every day. But even the best can benefit from a more formal approach to training. Delinia provides on-site and remote training for your team in all aspects of Customer Success Management. Contact us for a custom-designed training or choose from our standard offerings.

Learn to look across all your accounts to identify the opportunity and fit of each account. Establish the amount of time and effort each account merits. Then, work on your actual account plan to:

  • Establish the overall vision for the account
  • Define objectives to achieve that vision
  • Detail the customer’s objectives
  • Align objectives to your company strategy
  • Map customer’s KPIs to success objectives
  • Situate the customer within broader industry trends

Focus your efforts and maximize your use of customer data to grow you existing customer revenue stream.

  • Measure your current customer impact,
  • Identify the accounts that have the most potential to positively affect your annual performance,
  • Design a detailed plan to deliver value, ensure renewal, and even add business with your target accounts, and
  • Increase your renewals and upsells when you implement your plan.

Every Customer Success Manager should deliver value throughout the year, and a business review can be an effective method to engage at the executive level with your best customers.

Elevate the conversation, clarify the delivered value, and deepen your relationship with your customers. While a great business review leaves the customer knowing more and wanting to increase their spend with your company, business reviews can be a source of stress and confusion for the individual Customer Success Manager.

Strategy Consulting

Working with individuals, teams, customers and executive strategists Delinia marries your best thinking and industry best practice to create your definitive strategy.

“Delinia’s work with us on organizational values helped clarify our approach to our work and gave us the tools to talk about our goals and programs in a unified way.” (non-profit client)Through our strategy consulting we identify and clarify your key values, assets, goals, market conditions, and competitive differentiation to form the basis of strategic planning.Team and organizational consulting provide excellent preparation for strong strategy work. We work with your team to define shared values, correctly position issues in the past, present, or future, and work to find agreement on your commitment to your envisioned future.

Pam helped me to cut through all the thoughts and excitement I had around my upcoming position and helped me truly focus on what was important and leave out the rest. Our single session brought me into a new phase of my career and helped me step up with confidence.
– Pat  

We take a goal-oriented approach to individual coaching sessions. Typically, the individual has a very specific objective: success with a new position, coaching on a speech or presentation to executive or customer, or even a presentation for a key job interview.

We provide concrete strategies and clear feedback so that you can realize your full potential.

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