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By December 3, 2014Delinia

Hello, and welcome to Delinia Consulting!

We are just getting up and running, working with our clients (our top priority!) and building our business.  It is an exciting time for us at Delinia Consulting.

In fact, it is an exciting time for the whole field of Customer Success. While companies have long claimed to “put the customer first,” the growth of cloud services, information, data, and predictive analytics tools shine a revealing light on how we engage with customers. Now we can see precisely how we engage customers, how we serve them, and how we keep them.

There is always an avenue to better customer experience. At times the path is clear, at times opaque. The very data that makes it possible to finally put the customer first can also seem confusing and contradictory without a guide. We look at all the information: your company’s current circumstances, your market, personnel, activities and data. Then we work with you to to put together coherent strategies and concrete plans. Meaningful action, measurable impacts, and the payoff of improved customer success make the journey worth every step.

Delinia helps our clients chart the way.