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Create Your Tempest

By September 15, 2015Food for thought
Sergey Neves

“We should have gone to Vegas to see that Tempest.” The play had ended over a year ago, but its concept gripped my millennial daughter’s mind: superb source material (Shakespeare’s Tempest) co-directed by a Shakespearean (Posner) and a magician (Teller). I agreed, we should have taken the trip. A month after our talk I saw that it was to play in Chicago. This time, we went.

Everything should be like that Tempest.

We sat down before show time and marveled at the set design and lighting. Minutes later a somber and silent Ariel arrived and set the mood, performing sleight-of-hand interactions with the audience.

The play itself is ambitious, quite literally a dream come true. The directors dreamed of the best, and created a seemingly impossible show. Vegas-level magic on a stage exposed to the audience on three sides. Music of Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan performed live above stage. Amazing choreography of Pilobolus where two men entwine and move Caliban about with a slow somersault.  All of this built on a core of great language and brilliant acting performed in a beautiful set and enchanting lighting.

Make your work like that Tempest.

Dream of the best on every front and bring it together to work as one. Welcome your customers in and reward them before the show begins. When someone visits your company, online or in person, present a high-quality unified vision. Every aspect of your company should amaze and yet fit with the whole. Rather than relying on a single aspect (your amazing product, talented actors) impress your customers at every turn – marketing, customer success, training, documentation, service, design. Be seamless in moving your customer through their journey with you so that they know where they are, are engaged in the process, and want to move forward with you.

Dream of the best in every area and perform magic.

P.S. Go to Chicago to see the Tempest, now through November 8th, 2015 (https://www.chicagoshakes.com/). Be entertained and inspired. It’s worth the trip.