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Customer Success Hiring: Who is your CSM?

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A great Customer Success Manager (CSM) hire can be tricky. Why?


It is likely that you are very sure about what you want from your engineering, sales, finance, marketing, and technical support candidates. As Customer Success is an emerging discipline the CSM role is not firmly established. Expectations are high; companies know the CSM should improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn and increase revenue, but they are unclear as to how these goals will be achieved, and who to hire.

If you look across open CSM position descriptions, you will find five main types:

  1. Onboarding and ProService CSM: this CSM is tasked with getting the customer up, running, and using all features and functionality.
  2. Sales CSM: this CSM role is revenue driven, with performance measured by retention, growth, and churn reduction.
  3. Relationship CSM: this CSM is tasked with the vague work of “owning” customer relationships and customer satisfaction.
  4. Power CSM: this is a high-functioning, strategic position offered by companies with a great understanding of all a CSM can do.
  5. Catch-all CSM: this role calls for all of the above, plus the ability to provide technical support, give public presentations, repair a robot, and write code.

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