Public Speaking

For individuals preparing for a big speech, pitch, or job interview we hone your content, strategy and presentation until you’re at your best.

CSM Optimization

For companies that want to improve Customer Success and renewal performance, we help analyze and optimize your existing CSM program.


Strategy Consulting

 For individuals and teams we identify critical areas of focus and clear steps to drive influence, revenue, performance and success.

Delinia Consulting


Our consultants are successful business professionals from the fields of Cloud Services, Digital and Consumer Marketing, B2B Software, and eCommerce,

with decades of experience delivering customer success.
We have founded start-ups, worked for
tiny, small, medium and large companies, and we look forward to creating unique solutions for every one of our clients.

We’ll work with you to move your CSM program forward, outlining concrete strategies tailored to your company and your market, to help you outpace peers and competitors in your customer engagement and sales growth.

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